About Prespa Apples

APPLES in PRESPA are most popular growing culture.

The Prespa region itself produce over 80.000 tons of apples or about kg. of apples  different varieties as for example are Idaret, Jonagold,  Golden Delicious, -- RED DELICIOUS, GLOSTER, Chadel, Mutsou, Granny Smith,  and some of the traditional apples varieties that cannot be find in any other place on the earth. APPLES are most popular growing culture in Prespa for long time ago since more than hundreds of years. The most old apples varieties are mention in many books and manuscripts as traditional products of Prespa, Macedonia. And Prespa Apples produced in Macedonia is one of the most famous products with tradition of production, with good quality, with strong and long-lasting taste specific from the producing area as Brand name Prespa Apples, well known.

Apples are growth in Prespa, Resen land under concession, with all necessary mechanization work force, expert for growing apples with new technology machines.

Planed activity for 2006 is ensuring EURO GAP standards for apples growing production, packaging with expected date for implementation in September 2007. Jaffa is using very innovative producing technology which is mixed with lot of knowledge and traditional methods of producing health food which is also one of the main policy for HEALTH and QUALITY food production and growing of apples is remarkable example of this intention adn corporate policy.

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