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JAFFA- Founded in 1978 the first year's action  mainly import and export and distribution of citrus, bananas oranges, tangerines limon.

But taking out the advantage of  Prespa region who is  situated in southwestern Macedonia where is our firm located after year 2000 we actively engaged in the production, processing, distribution and export of Apples from all varieties  .From overall yield of apples in the Prespa region of about 100,000 tons produced apple, our company performs purchasing and exporting about 20,000 tons, or 20% of total production of Golden Delicious , 10% Granny Smith,  60% of Aidared,and 10% some other  varietys  .

Mainly we are market oriented and have a long cooperation with the countries of the former soviet Union, Russian federation and Iraq .

Besides apples in  the summer we do purchase and export some other kinds of  fruits like peaches  and grapes.

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